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Aloha Salem Quest!
the original School of the Shaman Fool

Start and modify piano here:

Everywhere and Anywhere -
Here and Now -
Inside and Out - Within and Beyond

To register for Aloha Salem Quest (ASQ) University Seminary of Companions Circle Church, follow the instructions on Companions Circle's ASQ Seminary webpage.

Other webpages by companions of our circle: Worthship Therapy and Shaman-Antics 1

Anchor-links for navigating this webpage:

Free Moon - Prerequisites |Shaman Foolish Practice |Shamanic Humorist & Optimists |Shaman Foolish Studies

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The Way of the Shaman Fool is an ecstatic, animist, gnostic, and pantheist way of living continuing revelation through individual and circle direct experience of Spirit and the Spirits on the Way of All Ways. The Way of the Shaman Fool is the shamanic shifting prayer-magic of ecstatic, enthused, radical, incarnate engagement with all life of this world. The Shaman Fool is a spiritual adventurer who quests farther and further within this Dream of Dreams, yet always keeps the FUN (and the Faith and Hope) and returns to community, companions, and relations with new stories and gifts of living shapeshifts for carrying on. The Shaman Fool is at home on the voyage to everywhere, yet never finds a comfortable niche to hide or settle in anywhere.

There are many helpful starter examples of shamanic curriculum and self-education outlines on the web such as Circle of the Living Earth and Turtleheart Shamanic School. We like the Path of the Feather.

There Are Many Jobs For Shaman Fools

The way of the wise-foolish shaman adventurer is full of challenges and fun. There are also many tests, trials, and ordeals to face head on - or otherwise.

Tests, Trials, and Ordeals...Challenges and Fun

Then a Shaman Fool must discover alone, along h/is Way of All Ways, h/is own unique secret(s) for acting out and keeping the FUN of it ALL, no matter what. Only you can know when you are a Shaman-Fool.

Yet, we keep saying that (almost) all Shamans know, incarnate, and act-out some particular kind of universal foolishness and are joining in the cosmic FUN-flow to some degree, somehow. (And the practices of even the most solemn of Shamans will seem foolish to many, for many reasons.)

    Shaman Fools Dream True in Light and Dark

As adventuring, sharing shaman-fools, we teach FUN, from the first to last laugh. Without fun and laughter, all is lost. Yet, if all is ever lost, do not fall into worry, for the Last Laugh will restore the FUN anyway.

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We like this handy free Moon...

moon phase

You can follow the link and get your own free Moon....

Here are a few favorite fun, FUN, educational, attention-shifting www prerequisite or elective courses in themselves - when you follow the link trails - for this School of the Shaman Fool, for shifting gut, heart, and mind, toward a shaman-foolish mode:

Reality Carnival

Must Be Funny - Humor Religion

The Spirit of Now

Chameleon Recommends Keeping A FunLog...This Wonderous Example Might Inspire You!

In the School of the Fool the courses are ongoing, open-ended, self-serve, self-educational FUN - adventuring the challenges and fun of shifting self, world, multiverse, spirit, and consciousness, through Wisdom & Mystery and back again!

Visit our Link Library-Maze, beginning with the Fool's Clever Bag and meandering the Way of All Ways.

For our convenience and entertainment a circle companion is constructing a Reference page.

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Here is another fun place of preparatory study

for all aspiring Shaman-Fools -
one huge, ongoing, elective:

*WILSON'S ALMANAC & Planet Directory*
(Have you seen this free email-zine?)
Daily celebrations: Folklore of each day; global festivals; ancient Christian &
pagan calendar customs; New Age; spiritual; alternatives;
On This Day; inspiration; humor.

Click over to our News Room for religious, spiritual, magikal, and science news, opinion, and good news!

Shaman Foolish Practice Way

A shaman-fool radically incarnates an intentional adventurous open doorway of self in the ordinary world - of gut, heart, and mind - as a free passageway for Spirit and the Spirits, available as close to full-time as possible. Using blessings, questions, expressive arts, and self as the most flexible tool kit possible, a shaman-fool usually entertains and restores fun and healing laughter anonymously, undercover, while dangerously involved in the thick of everyday situations. A shaman-fool travels lightly and keeps on travelling, throughout life.

This travel does not necessarily literally mean physical, geographical relocation (though it may) but rather a profound and intense awareness that the earth and all earthy beings are always and all ways journeying the universe in many dimensions and levels, through all realms of potential, power, and possibility. Shaman-fools resolve to keep navigating and voyaging the universe of experience on purpose, and never settle down into any comfortable niche of tradition, or any fixed paradigm or canon of dogma and ritual, keeping on until all journeying days are dreamed, danced, storied, and done.

The Way of the Shaman Fool can be practiced like the contemporary Way of the Shaman. On the Way of the Shaman-Fool the shamanizer attends above all to h/er individual, ordinary life as the Shamanic Journey and celebrates all kinds of living and being as divine incarnation everywhere and revels in the absolute singularity of each spacetime moment and reveals Spirit and the Spirits through expressive arts, prophetic entertainment, dramatic blessing, and as many more ways as s/he can invent or improvise.

We live and teach playing and praying without ceasing while living actively engaged in ordinary reality challenges and fun, joined in the great unceasing shamanic circle of circles within circles spiraling (as Spirit blowing and breathing) everywhere and anywhere. Whether we travel the world or within, we are shamanic adventurers - questers, questioners, jesters, and wandering, wondering hermits cloistered at large, amidst everyday life.

All of spacetime is travelling so it is really impossible to stay in one place even though paradoxically one forms deep and widespread connections with places and beings in ordinary reality. All Shaman Fools find their own original, radical, ways of adventuring universal living and being on purpose.

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We're Looking for More Shamanic Humorists & Optimists!

Click on this button to to visit and join in
the Shamanic Humorists & Optimists Yahoo! circle. We would love to have more Shamanic Humorists & Optimists join in to story their experiences and share shamanic humorists & optimists links.

Shamanic Humorists & Optimists is a widespread dis-organization,
of shamanic and shaman-antic wonderers, dreamers, jesters, wisefools, and scientfic optimists,
from here and there, who intentionally link shamanic ways
to fun restoration, prophetic entertainment, expressive arts, healing laughter, and foolish rushing in to bless, no matter what.
If you link shamanic ways to divine fun - you probably already are one.

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The Shamanic, Scientific, and Cosmological University and Seminary: Deepest Self, Life Spirit, and The Whole Universe

Aloha Salem Quest University Seminary begins and ends

here and now, within the self on Earth and Universe,
and includes (yet is not limited to) the entire Cosmos of all Universes...

We, and several others, sometimes call this way of original shamanic education
The School of the Fool...

Yet, this is also a way of all Arts, the Sciences (from Astronomy to Zoology!) and Philosophy -
a way of Understanding and Wisdom and Knowing and more....

Aloha Salem Quest can mean, among many more meanings, like "We share breath in loving happy harmony searching all ways!"

This is a way of self-teaching through many effective outer and inner spiritual technologies
practiced amidst, and as the challenges and fun of everyday life,
by mundane and scientific as well as mystical and magical means.
This way of ways is always beginning and ending with
radical wondering

about everything from the greatest to the least, shamanic questing and jesting around the unceasing spiraling circle of life, and
enthusiastic greeting, acknowledging, and blessing of who and what IS!

We live, learn, teach, and practice shamanic blessing, wonder, and fun restoration
to shift consciousness and reality and reveal and open more passages in and out
of the non-ordinary realms of Life Spirit and the Spirits of Life
right here and now, amidst the ordinary, everyday.

Here are more recommended Elective Courses in website form for the School of the Fool:

A Solitary Animist Gnostic (Druid) ||Independent Historian's Books ||Another Researcher's Logs
A Hermetic, Esoteric, Mystic's Website ||Comic Gnostics/Gnostic Comics ||Welcome to Ardue

To be continued...

Since shamanic education in the School of the Fool is self directed and Spirit stirred, self-teaching is always and all ways taking place simultaneously at all levels, directions, quadrants, dimensions, realms, and orders of reality. First decide and dedicate yourself to this inside-out and upside-down FUN. Second, wonder and wander, quest, question, and re-quest (journey, dance, dream, shift, and bless). Third...(?)

Visit other webpages by companions of our circle:

Worthship Therapy|| Shaman-Antics 1|| Fool's Clever Bag 1|| Fool's Sanctuary

We are learning and teaching that earth and universe journeying is FUN! FUN is the life breath of the first to last laugh, the new now power all shamans work and play with in shamanizing, that goes by many strange and wonderful names, but cannot be pronounced properly. FUN = Fun and Freedom Unfurling Universal Unity aNew, NOW. And NOW = No Other Way (but here and now).

Excellent free eBook:
The Sacred Site

A brand new collection of FREE e-Sources which explore many ancient 'alternative' and complementary disciplines and practices that are still relevant and working today. Full of useful information, interviews and links. Regularly updated to include news of new workshops, publications and retreats.

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