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Shamanic Journey Tarot!

Tarot cards are placed on this rock and crystal circle gateway -
the sanctuary rocks, crystals, plants, and objects change day to day.

Here are more Tarot and Divination links to study, dream on, and journey:

We shamanic journey and dream on purpose with and in and through and as the archetypes and symbolic gates, maps, and vessels of the Tree, the Web, and the Wheels of Knowing LIFE...the Tarot of the co-creative, re-creative universal sacred language.

Like shamanic journeying and dreaming, divination with sacred intention and aware attention is self and universal energy-flow and pattern shifting prayer, meditation, and alchemy that expands and transforms the living moment of HERE and NOW... much beyond mere 'fortune-telling'!

More about our shamanic tarot projects will be published on this page as our journey unfolds.

To be continued...

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