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Shamanic Experience Is Emptyness...Ecstasy...Resonance...Mystery
(~ Shamantic! The Wise)

What Is Shamanic Experience? How Can One Experience It?

Shamanic experience is always ecstatic - an experience of interconnecting oneness and wholeness, beyond all bindings, boundaries, and limitations of ordinary or measurable reality. And, shamanic experience is always original - a way for individuals and companions as circles of 2 and 3 or more, to live ongoing divine relevation and incarnation. Shamanic ecstasy is experienced on purpose, though many methods of shifting gut, heart, and mind into Shamanic States of Consciousness (SSP) within sacred circle spacetime. Shamanic practitioners shift consciousness by rattling, drumming, singing, chanting, dancing, artwork, posture changes, silent concentration, and sometimes with the sacramental assistance of entheogenic Teacher Plants and Chemicals.

During shamanic ecstasy all beings, places, things, and situations, from greatest to least, are experienced as LIFE Spirit and Spirits, as co-creative Dream, as re-creative Energy-Flow, as Harmonious Resonance, as open-ended Story, and as Being Soul. Shamans work directly with spiritual energy and vibrations, experienced as universes, realms, orders, levels, and dimensions of numbers, sounds, colors, and smells, symbols, and archetypes, upon the Trees, Web, and Wheels, of living and being, in equi-unanimous companionship and covenant with elements, rocks plants, animals, otherkin, extraterrestrials, human beings, or angels. Shamanic ecstasy can dream the world over again naturally, universally, and cosmically, shapeshifting bindings into connections, boundaries into bridges, and limitations into containers for receiving more gifts from LIFE Spirit and the Spirits of Life. Shamanic assistance in friendship with LIFE Spirit(s) can catalyze the alchemy of everyday miracles within, beyond, and all around, and transform water to wine, hunger to feasting, wailing to dancing, and curses into blessings.

The possibilities are infinite and the potential unlimited yet shamanic experience is always a way of active prayer and meditation intervention, both mystical and magikal, ordinary yet extraordinary. Careless shamanizing can unlock a Pandora's Box of troubles - and unpleasant, unforeseen consequences will result when shamanic practices are trivialized or used to harm. Shamanry must never be undertaken "for entertainment purposes only" for this demonstrates disrespect for LIFE, Consciousness, and the Mystery of It All - what births, creates, forms, sustains, and takes away all things including oneself. Misusing such vast and great power will certainly cause drastic losses of power and soul, as well as grave misfortunes while things get better by becoming first very much worse.

Shamans always enter Shamanic States of Consciousness (SSP) with an intention or purpose for helping self, neighbor, clan, community, the world, and the universe through direct interaction with Spirit and the Spirits, the Source of All There Is, and Mystery, beyond yet within everything. In SSC shamans navigate and voyage through non-ordinary - not necessarily supernatural - realms of potential, power, and possibility, yet stay empty to receive knowledge, blessings, and healings, and to conduct Spirits (being-streams) and Souls through death and dying, in and out of worlds, to new living dreams and shapes.

There are many original and contemporary interpretations of shamanic ways. Aside from cultural or religious elements that are added on or blended in within a tradition or lineage, shamanry itself is individualistic to an extreme, because shamanic ecstasy unfolds from individual and circle direct experience of Spirit and the Spirits through each here and now moment and everyday situation at hand. Most people can learn to enter Shamanic States of Consciousness (SSP) safely and effectively to receive knowledge and healing from Spirit and the Spirits, whether or not they synthesize shamanic practices and traditional religion, and whether or not they receive a distinct spiritual calling to practice shamanry full-time.

Shamanic Teaching Websites from All Over to Explore:
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In our Circle we quest and question on the shamanic ecstasy of wonder and wondering, encouraged and inspired by LIFE Spirit(s) blowing and spiraling open-ended explorations everywhere on the Tree of Knowing Life - from the Source, through all realms, orders, dimensions, levels, and realms of Souls and back to here and now, and eternal Re-Unity, and Mystery. We do not possess nor expect to receive any circumscribed explanations for all of this, and All That Is, and we certainly don't want to argue about it, but we love to "Ask the Question(s)!" Also, in our unfolding tradition, we enter Shamanic States of Consciousness through fun and laughter, and adventure inward, onward, and beyond, experiencing radiant LIFE itself as shamanic voyaging. We say 'Quest-I-On!'

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