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Shamantic!'s News Room
Shamantic!'s urban shamanic companion Gray Pigeon squawks today's news!
Gray Pigeon squawks, "Shamanic shift the news!"

Practice situation shamanization on the daily news! Street jesting is a way of shamanizing situations behind the scenes, seams, seems and schemes of ordinary reality anywhere. Shamantic! The Wise can appear upon request for performances or a playshop on situation shamanization. But the favorite shamanic practice at Shamanic Shift Center these days is shamanizing everyday situations and events to shift self, reality and the universe for the better.

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Shaman-Antic Foolishness and Storying Around with Shamantic! The Wise

This Shamantic.Org domain is named for Shamantic! The Wise an inner guardian angel, spirit realms power-circle, and spiritual, natural, and cosmic energy-flow of wise folly. Elizabeth, the co-founder of Shamanic Shift Center and minister of Companions Circle, plays street jester and character clown Shamantic! The Wise as a shamanic practice and performance.

Performances: Shamantic! animates the motto 'Quest-I-On!' in ordinary reality situations and entertains through staged performances upon request. Request a visit from shamanic jester and storyteller Shamantic! The Wise for birthday parties, organization meetings, group home activities, bedside visits, workplace surprises, and errands of comedic compassion.

Shamantic! The Wise can help you tell a 'new story of your life' or lead you on a unique Dream Quest of shamanic shifting into new potentials and possibilities! Shamantic!'s shaman-antics are appropriate for individuals of all ages as well as small to large groups.

Shamantic! can connect with you for FUN restoration and laugh medicine to help you recover your own best ways of blessing and revealing blessings in disguise. Shamantic! teaches ways to start living inside-out on purpose to enjoy the biggest, brightest, deepest, reality you can experience - no matter what.

Shamantic! The Wise can be an Artist-in-Residence or lead your business, organization, or church in Mission-Questing for fun, renewal, goal-setting or planning.

Bookings: Call Elizabeth at 414-289-8661 to book Shamantic! The Wise performances or playshops or request more information or use this form to start and email conversation with The Rev. Elizabeth of Shamanic Shift Center and Companions Circle. (Please state your topic, from mundane to marvelous, in the message text and give a clue what page you were on as you clicked to our multi-purpose contact form!)

Visit Elizabeth's and Shamantic!'s Journeying Journal at LiveJournal. More about the name and vibration "Shamantic!" is written on the Portal Page.

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A brand new collection of FREE e-Sources which explore many ancient 'alternative' and complementary disciplines and practices that are still relevant and working today. Full of useful information, interviews and links. Regularly updated to include news of new workshops, publications and retreats.

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We do not imply endorsement of individuals, groups, circles, organizations, or companies we link to or take responsibility for any content they publish on their websites or otherwise. Companions Circle Church's websites may link to diverse resources in order to juxtapose and interconnect many dreams and shapes for further shamanic shifting towards better and best.

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