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The Shamanic Humorists & Optimists (SHO) welcome anyone and everyone who practice shamanic shifting though healing laughter, prophetic entertainment, and fun restoration. We are activating and energizing the word "Shamantic!" (the contraction of shaman+antic) as a name for any of us who blend shamanic questing and sacred jesting into many ways of spiritual alchemy. In ancient times, the jester, clown, or comedian of the tribe or court was a peculiar kind of shaman who helped restore and maintain the natural balance of things through re-creative use of tricks, humor, chaos, psychodrama, expressive arts, and disguises.

The antics of the shamanic fool or jester, distract, awaken, and entertain, while pushing self-importance aside, allowing new dreams and stories to be danced to life. The clown can take a fall to help others feel better and the fool can sneak or rush into restricted areas of mind and heart that need healing - where even angels are barred from treading by our fears.

Shamanic fools and jesters can shift self, consciousness, reality, and the universe with costumes and masks as special connections to Spirit(s). Shamanic street-jesters are often experts at revealing blessings that come thickly disguised and transforming Trickster amidst everyday situations.

Shaman Fools are life adventurers more than spiritual warriors. Some are perpetually traveling alchemist entertainers, living on the edges of emerging purpose, on purpose, bringing to light unexpected challenges and new stories, dreams, and shapes everywhere they go.

Practitioners of the Shamantic Arts have always known that the "building blocks" of the universe are Signs and Wonders - now called quantum fluctuation, uncertainty, chaos, relativity, et cetera - and that the cosmos was designed with play in the wheels and wiggle room in the web of being! So remember, nothing is foolproof!

We recommend that each shamanic quester and jester ask for and receive unique visions, dreams, medicines, and words out of the play of imagination and the shaman fooling FUN of it ALL. F.U.N. to us is fun freely flowing and unfurling universal unity new now!

Sacred clowning and street jesting are shamanic ways of many ways to restore fun, laughter, and freedom; loosen bindings, permeate boundaries, and poke passageways in self-importance; and allow pattern and course changes, radical re-minding, and shamanic shifting through all modes of living and being. Cosmic fun and laughter are the key links between all beginnings and endings - from the alef/alpha and tau/omega to the sulfur and salt to the head(s) and tail(s) of everything and anything.

If a spirit-way is fun it is is also teaching us to laugh in the face of, and then laugh right along with death when it is time to release all everyday limits of self. Between now and then, shamanic fun restoration encourages merging, transforming, and expanding with LIFE Spirit and the Spirits of Life: running, flying, swimming, crawling, climbing-creeping, molding, flowing, and more as animals, trees, flowers, rocks, angels, dragons, dinosaurs, fairies and even all the fungi(s!) of the universe. Shamanic dream and shift with any kind and kin who must be dreaming of shamanic questing and jesting with you!

The universe runs on play and even toys can send us into trance! A fun fractal web widget-toy to play with is here!

Contemporary shamans are called, empowered, and taught through individualized direct experiences of Spirit(s) as well as mentoring in ordinary reality. To many the most solemn among shamans might appear clownish or foolish - and then come the shaman fools!

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